Offices along the canal

Working and networking in style

True Amsterdam

Meet De Bary

Private garden

Retreat from the city vibe

Entrepreneurial community

Benefit from the spirit

Welcome in our brasserie

Open all day

Meeting rooms with character

Mixes business with pleasure

Meeting rooms with character

Mixes business with pleasure

Meeting rooms with character

Mixes business with pleasure

THE AMSTERDAM WAY           |          LET’S MEET 

Let’s meet up at the Gouden Bocht on the Herengracht in Amsterdam; work in a stylish office and receive your clients in typical canalhouse style.

Gebouw De Bary, Herengracht 450

De Bary offers 

  • Meeting rooms and offices in different sizes and styles
  • Opportunity to become a member
  • Stylish brasserie & bar
  • Biggest garden of the canals
  • Hospitality from the Frontdesk
  • Ideal network environment

Amsterdam Style

De Bary means working Amsterdam style. Discover this vibrant community for entrepreneurs, networkers and independent professionals in the Amsterdam Gouden Bocht. Where the ambitious merchants built their city palaces in the Golden Age you’ll now find the most beautiful office building in the city. Everyone in the world who thinks of Amsterdam thinks of the image of the canal houses. In our monumental offices and meeting rooms, large and small, the energy of new possibilities can be felt under the high ceilings. The doors of Herengracht 450 are open. Come and work in the economic heart of the city and receive your customers in canal house style.

Let’s meet there

The complex consists of six beautifully renovated canal houses on the Herengracht. Small businesses but also self-employed people looking for peace and space in the heart of the city can easily find their niche here. The building houses offices and meeting rooms in different sizes and styles and flexible workplaces. Would you like to meet in the heart of the city, within a calm environment for a good work conversation? Come together in our brasserie, in our chic lounge, take a break in the classic gardens or just have a chat at our luxurious bar.